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Doctor Dedi Candra

Dr. Dedi Candra was born in Pasaman, West Sumatra in Jambi Province in 1974. Dedi received his doctor of veterinary medicine degree at the Bogor Institute of Agriculture and began his career working with primates, but soon began to focus his work on the rare rhinos of Sumatra. With threats to biodiversity (SUMATRA MAPS Poster) escalating in his native Sumatra, Dedi has dedicated his life to conservation. Considered one of the world leaders in conservation and health of the Sumatran rhinoceros (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis), Dedi is the Animal Collections manager at the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary operated by the Rhino Foundation of Indonesia (Yayasan Badak Indonesia) in partnership with the International Rhino Foundation.

Dedi is passionate about protecting all of Indonesia's amazing natural heritage, not just its rhinos. He has a particular interest in the plants and fruits of the rainforest and has documented much of the native plant communities that form the staple diet of the sanctuary rhinos. Dedi is also dedicated to his local community and is helping to deliver a conservation message to the children (SUMATRA CHILDREN Poster) and adults outside Way Kambas National Park through regular visits to schools, participating in dance celebrations, and editing a village environmental newsletter. Finally, Dedi is dedicated to his family and is a proud father of two sons, Figo and Aska, destined to play in their own World Cup for Indonesia!

Dr. Candra with a pulse oximeter donated by Living Fossil Foundation that will help him better care for the rare rhinos at the sanctuary.