living fossil

Canning River


 Arctic Lichens
Patterns in Ice
Arctic Delta
Delicate Moss
Lichen Mountain Aven
Boulder Path
History in Rock
Mountain Storm
Sky Meets Ice
Patterns in Rock
Glacial River
Ice Divide
Turbulent Creek
Tundra Fog
Rock Lichen
Water and Ice
Ice Boulders
Ice Jam
Ice Curves
Magic Waters
Cloud Light
Glacial River
Aufeis Stream
Ice and Mud
Mud Thaw
Black Gold
Arctic Pool
Metamorphic Rock
 Black Ice
Raining Avens
Mountain Reflection
River Mud
 Saxifrage Smiles
Ice Wall
Fox Rock
Red Hills
Shublik Dusk
Shublik Dawn
Rock Wall
Falcon Cliff
Canning Erupting
Boulder Fog
Red Hill Afar
Pearl Sky
Shublik Red Hill
Midnight Sky
Sand and Stone
Tundra Shooting Stars
Shooting Stars
Red Hill View
Rare Orchid
Bell Heather